Electrical Work

Lighting Fixtures

With Checklist, you're sure to receive prompt and thorough electrical services at fair prices. Whether you require a new light fixture, electrical wiring help or need a new ballast put in for a florescent light, we are here to serve you in any way we can. Call us at (808) 238-4804 to get it done.

Appliance Repair

Solving your appliance repair needs for your home is our number one priority. Appliance problems you face at home can cause inconveniences and ruin your standard of living. We understand you need to resolve your appliance repair problem quickly: that is why we have streamlined our service.

Real testimonial

Jon M.

After checking out Ki's website and reading his reviews, I had a good feeling. It turns out he was better than advertised! Ki was timely, reliable, and very personable. He went after every task which included carpentry and ceiling fan work with precision, tenacity, and a positive attitude. I will definitely call him again in the future when the need for a handyman arises. Great job Ki!!


Removal and replacement of Dispossals for $99


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